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Do your paints have strong smell? How long does it take to get rid of the smell?

Water-based paints smell very little although they are not odourless. So the smell would vanish in one day after applying to exterior. On the other hand, it may take one week to get rid of the smell after applying paints to interior, which depends on the ventilation conditions.
Solvent-based paints have rather strong smell. Even if they are applied to exterior, the smell comes inside and it will take one week to get rid of the smell. Weak solvent-based paints have weaker smell than solvent-based paints. So, the smell will vanish in a relatively short period of time.
For interior use, ECO FRESH series, low VOC type paints, is recommended. At the same time, the room should be adequately ventilated. This is for information only since everybody has different perception about smells.

We are planning to repaint a building. Tell us about the safety of paints since our neighbors have questions about smell and toxicity of paints.

The information on risk and safety measures is described in a catalogue and MSDS of each product. Applicators are supposed to do their paint work according to the instructions. Also each can of paint carries specific information about danger and toxicity according to GHS, the worldwide regulations.

What are sick-house measures?

For interior paints, the use of chlorpyrifos (mainly contained in preservatives) is prohibited and the use of formaldehyde is restricted according to the sick house measures based on the Building Standard Act. Our interior paints do not contain chlorpyrifos and also the diffusion grade of formaldehyde is F☆☆☆☆,  so you can use our products without any restrictoin. However, those who are super sensitive to chemical substances may react against other substances. In that case, more investigation may be necessary.