Paints and Architectural Coatings

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How can I order a sample? How long does it take to get the sample?

Please make an inquiry to the nearest sales office. After checking the necessary items including a project name, its scale and work period, we will order a sample. (It will be charged in principle.)

Is it possible to buy a paint and apply it by myself?

Our products are basically for professional applicators. The application sometimes involves high-place work, and also industrial waste should be properly disposed. So we recommend that you should ask a specialist.

Where can I buy SKK products?

Our products are for professional applicators. So please ask nearby paint dealers.

Can I select non-standard colours?

Any colour is available for pigment coloured type (lithin, spray tiles, stucco, etc.).  However, colours with high brightness may not be reproduced. So please seek advice.
Only standard colours are available for coloured aggregate type with colour chips. (CERASKAKEN, ELEGANSTONE, ELEGANCE TILE TS)