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Bagaimana cara memilih produk yang sesuai

What is the difference between CERAMI SILICON W and CERAMI CLEAN?

Although the names are similar, they are totally different. CERAMI SILICON W is a patternless coating paint with dirt resistant function and used as topcoat for repaint. CERAMI CLEAN, a single-layer elastic paint, needs no topcoat and is excellent in crack elongation and dirt resistance.

When it comes to repainting siding boards, what products do you recommend and how should I apply them?

It depends upon the purposes. 

  1. If you want to improve durability and still keep the existing image:
    We would recommend clear finish with CLEAN SD TOP. However, this product is not suitable for some types of substrates. Please make an inquiry to the nearest sales office for details.
  2. If you want to refresh the image by applying a different colour paint:
    We would recommend exterior paints such as CERAMI SILICON W. However, by applying the product, multi-coloured siding substrate will be finished with a single colour and the design will be totally different from the original image.

There are various finish systems. Please make an inquiry to the nearest sales office.

Which products are suitable for brick walls?

Brick walls are moulded products, which is different from cement rendering. They are strong alkaline due to cement. In addition, when they are used as a fence, water seeps from the back side. So we would recommend alkaline resistant undercoat and vapour permeable topcoat. Lithin would be most suitable.

Is there any water-based fluorine paint for exterior walls?

There are super durable and super dirt resistant CERATIGHT F W and elastic type ELASTIC CERATIGHT F W.

Is there any water-based paint for steel and iron areas?

Now water-based paints for iron and steel are having a strong demand. We offer special acrylic type SK SABI GUARD W UNDER-COAT and one-pack water-based specially modified epoxy anti-rust coating EPO SABI UNDER W. They are only for interior use, not exposed to rain.

Which paints are most resistant to algae and mould?

Please choose the products that specify anti-fungus and anti-algae. The special compound demonstrates fungus and algae resistance. Among them, BIOTIGHT series was especially developed as anti-fungus and -algae products.

The COOL TECT system and the THERMO SHUT system are both excellent in heat reflection. What is the difference between them?

The COOL TECT system is designed to reduce the temperature rise in a building by reflecting sunshine. The THERMO SHUT system is designed to reduce thermal conductivity and provide thermal insulation by compounding balloons into the mid coat layer. It is an energy saving system with heat reflective topcoat and thermal insulating mid coat.   

Note)Although the thermal insulation of the THERMO SHUT system is almost 5 times greater than ordinary multi-layer paints, the thickness is only a few millimeters. So the energy-saving effect of the THERMO SHUT system is mainly heat reflection.

Can ceramic tiles be renovated?

It is possible to keep beautiful appearance of ceramic tiles after washing the surface with a special cleaner and applying a penetrating water repellent coating such as TILE CERA CLEAN.
By applying a surface conditioner for ceramic tiles such as SK TILE FILLER or MIRAC FOUND KC-1000 to the whole surface, you can prepare the substrate and apply the paint with a different kind of finish. 

Are there any products exclusively designed for cold regions?

Weak solvent- or solvent-based paints are recommended. Water-based paints are not suitable for cold regions since they freeze at 0℃ and have problems with dryness. So please use weak solvent- or solvent-based paints.

However, these paints cannot be applied in the region below 0℃. Please check application conditions before use.

Can I apply BELL ART IN for interior over PVC sheet?

Yes. It has good hiding power and improves design. It is a thick coating material, so defects of substrate hardly affect the finish. We have a variety of products for PVC sheet.  Please check those products.

Is there any spray tile with anti salt damage function?

We will recommend waterproof products. The steel structure inside concrete rusts due to salt. So, LENA EXCELLENT, high elastic type with crack elongation, is suitable to prevent seeping of salt water.

Do you have any stone-like materials?

We have granite stone-like ELEGANSTONE as a spray type material. Also we have prefabricated sheets, GRANIPIERRE with Mikage granite, chiseled granite, and sandstone.

Can I apply ELEGANSTONE to exterior siding boards?

Yes. However, protection will be necessary for groove lines. Direct application may cause cracks. Please make an inquiry to the nearest sales office.

We are thinking of using BELL ART for exterior walls. Do you have any advice?

BELL ART is a decorative clay wall style product. It forms patterns with a trowel or a roller to create walls. In order to make a finish with beautiful patterns, the skill of the workers is crucial. You should find an applicator that is experienced in finishing walls with a trowel. As an optional specification, a special clear top will help prevent dirt.