About environmental impact

  • Does the paint have an annoying smell? How long does it take for paint smell to go away?

    Water-based paints are not odourless, but they have very little odour. In most cases, you will not notice any odour within a day after the completion of the exterior. For the interior, they take about a week for the odour to disappear completely depending on the ventilation conditions.

    In the case of solvent-based paints, the odour is still strong. Even for the exterior, the odour is not limited to the exterior, but also the odour enters the interior as well. It will take about a week for the odour to disappear. In the case of weak solvent-based paints, the odour is softer than that of the solvent type. The odour goes away relatively quickly.

    As for the interior, it is recommended to use low VOC products with good ventilation. Please note that how people feel about odour varies from person to person.
  • I am planning the repainting work, and neighbors are asking me about odour problems and toxicity. Please tell me about the safety of paint.

    Hazard information and safety measures are shown in detail in product brochures and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for each product. Contractors usually work accordingly. In addition, based on the globally unified rules of GHS, chemicals are classified according to the type and degree of hazards, and the information is clearly indicated on the product cans.