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Adding value to renovation

Renovation is an important opportunity for the building that has protected our lives to be reborn. To renovate with cheap construction materials focusing only on cost shortens the renovation cycle and causes a decrease in the asset value of the building itself.
We, SKK, propose renovation that increases the added value of buildings, not just renovation.

Anti-bacterial coating system

Anti-bacterial Coating System Safe living in a hygienic environment

In recent years, the risk of infection caused by various viruses such as COVID-19 has increased.
SKK proposes an antibacterial paint for interior to those who are considering renovation.

Anti-bacterial mechanism

① Anti-bacterial action from contact with silver

SANIFRESH ALPHA forms a complex body of a silver based anti-bacterial agent and an organic agent, providing resistance to various types of micro-organisms, moulds and fungus, etc.

Silver ions of SANITECT bond with its cell membrane of protein and damage the structure and inhibit the function in a short period of time. Furthermore those ions go inside cells, inhibit oxygen of electronic transmission, react with DNA, and inhibit its function.

Anti-bacteria action by silver ion

② Anti-Bacterial Action by Activated Oxygen

Once silver of SANITECT is exposed to light (visible rays), radical is released and activates oxygen. This activated oxygen inhibits metabolic function of cells.

Anti-bacteria action by photocatalyst

③ Anti-Bacterial Action of Organic Agent

By reaction of water (vapour) on the film of SANITECT anti-bacterial function is activated and propagation of bacteria is inhibited. It also resists mould, fungus and yeast.

Excellent anti-bacteria effects

Anti-bacterial effect (HALO test)

This is to show the anti-bacterial effect on a typical panel painted with Sanitect.

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