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Adding value to renovation

Renovation is an important opportunity for the building that has protected our lives to be reborn. To renovate with cheap construction materials focusing only on cost shortens the renovation cycle and causes a decrease in the asset value of the building itself.
We, SKK, propose renovation that increases the added value of buildings, not just renovation.


Dirt Resistance keeps
your home beautiful

In order to maintain the beauty of the building for a long time, dirt resistant function is required.
SKK's super dirt resistant coating is based on a unique ceramic hybrid technology, which is hard to adhere to dirt, repels dirt and removes it.

Ceramic Hybrid Technology

Surface characteristics can be obtained by introducing "Ceramic Hybrid" technology; ceramic elements and organic elements are incorporated in the state of coating, and ceramic elements only are arranged on the surface in the process of film formation. Especially, it means that the ceramic elements on the surface show antistatic property, high cross-linking and hydrophilic property by which gives the coating excellent antipollution properties.

1. State of the Coating

Incorporates hydrophilic ceramic elements(inorganic elements) and organic elements.

2. Ceramic Hybridization

Ceramic elements are arranged on the surface.

3. Film Formation

Super dirt-resistant, highly durable film is formed.

Dirt Removal Mechanism

Super dirt resistance has been achieved through incorporating of organic resin and special inorganic ceramic elements, arranging ceramic elements on the surface, and controlling the properties of paint film.

Triple Actions

Triple actions bring about effective super dirt-resistant performance.

① Repel Stain
Low Chargeability

Reducing static electricity which charges the film surface prevents the adhesion of dirt particles.

② Resist Stain
High Cross-linking
Density and Hardness

Film degradation by collision of contaminants has been reduced due to crosslink density and the adhesion of dirt on the film is prevented.

③ Remove Stain
Hydrophilic Property

Dirt is washed away with rain water due to good hydrophilic film.

Hydrophilic Film

As the film is hydrophilic, rainwater washes away dirt.

Adhere the dirt

Dirt will be washed away with water

Dirt on super dirt resistant paint was completely removed

[ Hydrophilic Effect ]

Super Dirt Resistant Coating

Conventional Coating

[ Extent of Pollution to Coating Surface ]
(After 6 months of outdoor exposure)

Super Dirt Resistant Coating

Conventional Coating

Title General name Type Resin Features

Super dirt resistance water-based ceramic composite acrylic silicon resin coating