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Highly safe incombustible materials and fireproof heat insulation materials as alternatives to such as asbestos greatly help to improve the working environment.

Enhancing safety
Incombustible materials Fireproof heat insulation materials

There is increasing demand for fireproofing of flammable synthetic resin foams used in low temperature and temperature-controlled warehouses and calling for ensuring safety.
In addition, highly safe incombustible materials and fireproof heat insulation materials greatly contribute to the improvement of the working environment as alternatives to such as asbestos which harm human health.



Thinner finish than wet type rockwool

It provides excellent fireproof property unlike conventional insulation materials as rockwool, etc. because it consists mainly of aluminium hydroxide, calcium carbonate and cement. They have high heat-absorption property.


High adhesion

It can be applied on steel directly without primer, and it does not cause peeling off and falling down over a long period of time. And it neither peeled off nor fell down by Great Hanshin Earthquake in Japan in 1995.

Comparison of Resistance to Vibration
(after Great Hanshin Earthquake Jan.1995)


Calcium Silicate board


Incombustilize rigid urethane form
japan's first

The composition of only 10mm thickness CERATIGHCA No.2 applied onto rigid urethane is certified as fireproofing material in Japan. Rigid urethane form can be the cause of a fire since it is combustible.


Rigid urethane from


Excellent working environment

Different from dry application method, CERATIGHCA No.2, wet application method, prevents dust at the time of spray application. CERATIGHCA No.2 can be applied with spray, trowel, etc. according to working environment. Moreover, it is possible to apply with other workers at the same time.


Semi-wet type rockwool
(Powder dust of rockwool)


Asbestos & rockwool free

CERATIGHCA No.2 does not contain asbestos that is harmful to the human body (considered as the cause of lung cancer).
CERATIGHCA No.2 can be used without any danger, as it does not contain rockwool in addition to asbestos.


Excellent anti-corrosion

Its excellent anti-corrosion property prevents steel framework structure from rusting.



CERATIGHCA No.2 is cost-effective with less material cost, as its thin material requires fewer materials. The cost-effective property leads to the expansion of the interior space.


Less dust

Being high in surface strength, the surface material of CERATIGHCA No.2 does not fall down by slight physical damage. As CERATIGHCA No.2 does not scatter dust over the surface, it is suitable for medical facilities, restaurants, food processing factories, etc. that need to prevent dust.


Bright coloured finish

The finishing colour of CERATIGHCA No.2 is white. Therefore, it can enhance reflection of light because of the bright coloured finish when the applied surface is exposed. It remains bright finish even at more than 10-year-old multi-storey car park.


Prefabricated application at factory

Not only application at site, but also prefabricated application at factory and off site (prefabricated method) can be applied for CERATIGHCA No.2. Prefabricated method leads to the shortening of application time and construction schedule.

Example of application

Fireproofing renovation of flammable synthetic resin foams

To improve the fireproofing performance of a low-temperature warehouse (5℃), applied the certified CERATIGHCA NO. 2 (10 mm thick) on the surface of the heat insulation coated with a simple fireproof coating.

Before application

After application