For Renovation

Factories and Warehouses


Using a decorative sheet material can add an accent to the entrance as well as provide ease of maintenance..

Adding an accent to the entrance

Pre-fabricated sheet material with less load on the substrate can restore the old paint film and ceramic tiles luxuriously.



Lightweight and nicely applied to curved surfaces

It will shorten application time and reduce the impact on the structure of buildings.


Excellent maintenance

GRANIPIERRE reduces loads on a substrate due to its lightness, so it is suitable for renovating the old paint film and ceramic tile surface. Its excellent adhesion helps prevent material from peeling off.


Can be easily cut with a utility knife

Applicable to complicated surface, providing work-efficiency and saving labour cost.


Super dirt and weather resistance

An acrylic resin, used as a bonding material, provides excellent weather resistance. Also, dirt resistance is enhanced by applying the clear topcoat.

Type of finish

Granite type

Sandstone type

Limestone type

* A variety of standard colours are available. Please contact the nearest sales office for details.

Examples of application

Before application

After application