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On the roof and rooftop, it is recommended to use heat reflective coatings for energy saving suppressing the temperature rise inside the room.

Power saving measures in summer

The roof is exposed to sunlight for a long period of time. Therefore,the surface temperature of the roof in summer is so hot that it can not be touched directly, and has an impact on the indoor environment. Heat reflective coating COOL TIGHT suppresses the temperature rise in the room by roof coating, and is quite effective for saving electricity in summer.



Power saving measures

It highly reflects the infrared rays with strong heat energy in the sunray and suppresses the transfer of heat from the roof surface. This suppresses indoor temperature rise and reduces the air-conditioning cooling load.

■ Temperature comparison by thermography
Colour: Slate black


Sustain the heat reflective performance

As time passes, the roof surface gets dirty. Such dirt promotes absorption of heat from sunlight. COOL TIGHT maintains its heat reflective performance over a long period of time because of its dirt resistant property preventing adhesion of dirt.

■ Sustainability comparison of heat reflective performance

Change of reflectance

After 6 months outdoor exposure


Excellent weather resistance

By using highly durable resin, it provides strong and excellent weather resistance and durability.

■ Accelerated weather resistance test (Xenon lamp)

■ Heat reflection test - Comparison between before and after renovation of factory roof

■ Test method

Measure the temperature change of the metal roof surface in the daytime of the unpainted roof and the repainted roof (painted COOL TIGHT). As a result, a temperature reduction effect of 12.1 ℃ was confirmed as an average temperature difference from 12:00 to 14:00. Colour: Grey

Comparison of average surface temperature

Change with time of surface temperature