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Adding value to renovation

Renovation is an important opportunity for the building that has protected our lives to be reborn. To renovate with cheap construction materials focusing only on cost shortens the renovation cycle and causes a decrease in the asset value of the building itself.
We, SKK, propose renovation that increases the added value of buildings, not just renovation.

Saving energy

conventional paint

Absorbing heat ray

Storing heat


Reflecting heat ray

Relieving heat storage

Achieving reduction of air conditioning costs and CO2 emissions at the same time

There are an increasing number of cases where the roof is also repaired together with the renovation of the external wall.
Highly heat reflective roof coatings improve near-infrared reflectance and keep the rise of the room temperature lower compared to regular roof coatings.
As a result, air conditioning costs decrease and CO2 emissions can be reduced.
Bring an ecological mindset to roof renovations.

Excellent heat iusulation performance

Mechanism of Heat Reflection

【Heat reflection】

Infrared reflective pigments reflect solar radiation heat and reduce the amount of heat transmitted from the surface to the inside of a room.

【Dirt resistance】

The dirt resistance of COOL TIGHT prevents dirt from attaching to the surface and thus helps protect the paint film from degradation.


Saving electric power by 16% per year

Energy saving effect of heat reflection

Wall substarate Concrete(thicknes = 150mm)
K-Value 4.2W/22θK
Colour Grey
Room temperature 25℃
Application area 1000m2

Electric power consumption (Wh/h)

Convert to difference in cooling load(Wh) to amount of CO2 discharge, and convert this to trees of poplar.

Power consumption per hour has been measured on conditions that room temperature was kept at 25℃,and that the above samples had been applied to external wall(1000m2).From the result, we can expect that approximately 16% of electric power will be saved in case of COOL TIGHT W SLX500 SERIES unlike regular coating.

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