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I knew SKK in my early professional year while working in Singapore. I was introduced to the world of texture coating and eversince the name of SKK is synonymous with it. I used it in a couple of projects during my 10 years work there before settling back in Indonesia and set up my practice, Aboday.
I put my trust with SKK, since it comes with excellent quality product, and never fail to meet our expectation. What makes a joy to work with is when I was informed that SKK could also produced contemporary finish like corten steel alike. It is good that SKK adapt to the current progress.
With Aboday, we use SKK in wide spectrum project, commercial and residential along with Hospitality. Foresta Business Loft 6, 7, Saumata Apartment and Morrissey Hotel. Looking forward to future work.

Company Name :
Full Name :
Rafael David
Business Sector :
Architectural Consultant
Designation :
Principal Architect

Foresta Business Loft 6

BSD, Tangerang
Year of Completion : 2020
Used Products : Elegancetile

Sekolah Islam Al-Azhar Bandung

Year of Completion : 2022
Used Products : Ceraskaken