SKK TMS Team specializes in undertaking restoration and repainting projects.
TMS stands for Total Maintenance System. It is a building restoration and repainting system that will back up the
building restoration by implementing four main scope of work as below.

Site Investigation

As defects surfacing on buildings differ, a thorough inspection will be conducted on the existing paintwork so as to recommend appropriate recoating system. SKK could provide you with the most effective techniques and advice to counteract the problems.

Implementation of TMS

SKK provides various types of product to accommodate to different substrate conditions such as carbonation, salt attack, building degradation, rust reinforcement, etc. This will maintain durability and life span of the building.

Colour Coordination Photo Presentation

The aesthetic value of the building largely depends on the colour coordination done for the building. CCPP helps to decide the colour scheme most suitable for one building. You can thus avoid making expensive mistake of choosing a wrong colour combination for your building and ensure that the colour blends with surroundings and project the distinguished image of your building.

Quality Assurance

The grade of the products selected to be used will greatly influence the life span of a building. SKK as a paint manufacturer is able to provide multiple coating systems to different buildings based on different requirements.