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WOODY SMILE New natural-wood-like luxurious sheet material


Flexibly applied to any complicated surfaces

The material can be easily cut with a utility knife and used for complicated surfaces. It improves work efficiency and shortens the work period.

Nicely applied to curved surfaces

The material is slightly elastic due to its special manufacturing process, so it can be applied to the curved surface of a round column.

* Applicable to a round column with a diameter of over 600 mm

Super dirt and weather resistance / Super durability

Acrylic silicone resin is contained in the layers of topcoat and mid coat. They prevent dirt and contribute to super weather resistance and super durability.

Excellent maintenance

The lightweight material hardly gives a load on a substrate, so it is best for the maintenance of ceramic tile substrates. Its excellent adhesion to the substr ate prevents the material from peeling off the surface.


The straight grain type has been added to the existing flat grain type.
Relaxing space can be created by combining your favorite pattern and colour.

Flat Grain Type

Straight Grain Type

Suitable substrates

Concrete, cement rendering, ALC panels, PC boards, slate boards, siding boards, extruded cement panels, ceramic tiles, old paint surfaces, etc.

* Special primer may be required depending on the type of a substrate.


No. of colours Size(mm) Thickness(mm) Weight(kg/m2)
(Flat Grain Type/Straight Grain Type)
18 colours 2,950*300
2.5 2.5-3.5

Undercoat / Patching Material

Product name Net Weight Remarks
MIRAC SEALER ECO W(CLEAR/WHITE) 15kg Increasing the adhesive strength
Cation based surface conditioner for renovation
TAILOR UNDERCOAT EX 20kg An adhesive to apply sheets.
It becomes the colour og groove lines.
WOODY SMILE PATCHING MATERIAL 18kg,3kg Repairing material for external corners, interal corners and chipped surface
3.6kg,0.6kg A topcoat using WOODY SMILE PATCHING MATERIAL. Super durable and dirt/dust resistant clear topcoat protects sheets over the long period of time.

unsuitable areas / substrates

  • _ Coping
  • _ Sloping wall
  • _ Skirting of interior and exterior walls
  • _ Areas with constant high humidity
  • _ Exterior walls of plywood substrates

* In addition to the above areas and substrate, WOODY SMILE may not be able to be applied depending on the conditions and environment. Consult your nearest SKK sales office for details.

Standard colors

These colours may be different from actual material colours.
Check with sample boards and / or catalogues for colour before placing an order.

Flat Grain Type

Straight Grain Type

  • WDN_701

  • WDN_701M

  • WDN_703

  • WDN_703M

  • WDN_705

  • WDN_705M

  • WDN_709

  • WDN_709M

  • WDN_710

  • WDN_710M

  • WDN_711

  • WDN_711M

  • WDN_712

  • WDN_712M

  • WDN_713

  • WDN_713M

  • WDN_714

  • WDN_714M

  • WDN_715

  • WDN_715M

  • WDN_716

  • WDN_716M

  • WDN_717

  • WDN_717M

  • WDN_718

  • WDN_718M

  • WDN_719

  • WDN_719M

  • WDN_720

  • WDN_720M

  • WDN_721

  • WDN_721M

  • WDN_722

  • WDN_722M

  • WDN_723

  • WDN_723M

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